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ITOL Nationally Accredited Anaphylaxis Training Programme


Anaphylaxis Training with a Difference,

Let's get back to a practical approach!

A must do course to increase your confidence and competence when dealing with anaphylaxis.
We offer an excellent anaphylaxis course online, however; depending upon the type of learner you are this may not meet all your learning needs.
For that reason we have a fantastic course which will help you feel both confident and competent at not only dealing with anaphylaxis but a range of other life-threatening or even non life -threatening emergencies.

You have just given an immunization and the patient's respiration rate increases, they have a rash across their chest,

then they collapse.

Anaphylaxis or syncope ????

Adrenaline or not ????

By the end of this session you will be able to rapidly assess the patient and make that decision confidently. We do this very practically with the instructor acting as the patient, using realistic stage makeup, you must carry out an assessment of them and decide on the most appropriate treatment, then deliver it.
Then in a safe learning environment you are given feedback on your performance. All main learning points are discussed, so as the course progresses your learning progress.

Hands on practical anaphylaxis training with instructor feedback.

Includes basic life support and the safe use of an AED.




Only 799.99 + VAT


Course duration approximately 3 hours

Maximum number of delegates 12

Please call for larger groups

This course is delivered in your workplace, so no need to travel.




 FREE online anaphylaxis and BLS course normally

 468+VAT for 12 delegates!



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Course objectives:

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Carry-out an initial assessment of a patient and identify the immediate life-threatening features of anaphylaxis and treat them.

  • Undertake  an assessment of a patient using the ABCDE approach & SAMPLE and identify a patient becoming at risk or critically ill

  • Practice dealing with patients that have life-threatening features and non life-threatening feature that are associated with anaphylaxis during a number of scenarios

  • Carry-out the administration of first line drugs for anaphylaxis, including different types of auto injectors, adrenaline to draw up and pre-filled syringes

  •  Discuss where you may encounter administration difficulties with different patient types

  • Identify the special circumstances of resuscitating a patient with anaphylaxis and how this may effect your resuscitation attempt 

  • Carry out basic life support and the safe use of an AED


Anaphylaxis training

For all health care professionals.





The course follows the Resuscitation Council (UK)  2008 annotated 2012 Guidance on The Emergency Treatment of Anaphylactic Reactions. The course is written by an experienced Registered Operating Department Practitioner who is a  European Resuscitation Council and Resuscitation Council  (UK)  Instructor and Generic Instructor Course Instructor and Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (FITOL).

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