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Medical Emergencies and Resuscitation in General Practice

Aims and Objectives.

Course Aim:

The course is specially designed for medical professionals  and aims to ensure that all members of staff can identify and initiate basic management of clinical emergencies.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify at risk and seriously ill patients using the ABCDE approach.
  • Describe how to take a blood glucose measurement from a patient.
  • Identify the appropriate drugs to use in an emergency.
  • Complete a progress assessment on the ABCDE approach.
  • Carry out an initial assessment of an unconscious patient.
  • Identify the appropriate help required.
  • Place the patient into the recovery position.
  • Monitor the patient using the ABCDE approach
  • Describe the safe administration of oxygen
  • Be aware of the treatment for choking
  • Identify the most suitable method of establishing an airway depending on the clinical status of a patient
  • Identify when to carry out basic life support
  • Explain how to carry out basic life support
  • Practise basic life support skills on adults and children
  • Safely use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Develop a standardised approach to managing a sick or critically ill patient
  • Develop the confidence and competence as a team member in initiating basic life support and the safe use of an AED
  • Consolidate all the aspects of the self instructed learning programme
  • Enable the safe handover to the patient to the ambulance team

Course assessment:

Peer assessment training to include an interactive exam. (100 % pass mark required)

Peer assessment of basic life support and the safe use of an AED (Formative assessment)

Knowledge assessment (pass mark 75%) (Summative assessment)

Basic life support and the safe use of an AED for non-clinical staff . Medical emergencies, basic life support and the safe use of an AED for clinical staff.

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