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Venepuncture Training

ITOL Nationally Accredited Venepuncture Training Programme (Adult)


The aim of this course is to teach venepuncture to members of staff who will be required to collect venous blood samples.  Participants will receive both theoretical and practical instruction during this session, which will enable them to undertake venepuncture within the workplace. 

It is suggested that after completion of this course participants are supervise by a competent person.


Course Aim

To provide knowledge and skill to obtain peripheral venous blood samples

Course content:

·        Legislation and Professional Issues

·        Infection Prevention and Control

·        Applied Anatomy and Physiology to Venepuncture

·        Quality and pre-analytical variables

·        Practical session



Section One: Legislation and Professional Issues

By the end of the session you will be able to:


Describe the arenas of accountability for a Registered Nurse/Practitioner 

Identify issues of statute and common law

Discuss the implications of consent



Section Two: Infection Prevention and Control

By the end of the session you will be able to:

Describe the principles of aseptic technique

Explain the fundamentals of universal precautions for infection control

Deal with ‘Needle stick injuries’



Section Three: Applied Anatomy and Physiology to Venepuncture

By the end of the session you will be able to:

·        Outline the routes used for venepuncture

·        Describe the anatomy and physiology of arteries and veins

·        Identify appropriate veins for venepuncture

·        Identify early complications of venepuncture



Section Four: Quality and pre-analytical variables

By the end of the session you will be able to:

Describe factor that will influence the quality of samples prior to entering the laboratory

Discuss the documentation and order of draw for samples



Section Five: Practical session

Practise on a manikin arm under supervision using own evacuated tube system.




Prerequisite profession /qualifications /registration:


General or Mental Health Nurse, Midwife or Health Visitor , Occupational Health Nurse Registered with N&MC

Doctors registered with the General Medical Council

Registered Health Professional Council Practitioners-Eg. ODPs, Paramedics and others.

Non registered staff a minimum of:

NVQ Level 3 in Care

NVQ Level 3 in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Support


Allied health care professions who may be involved with the collection of blood as part of their employment.

Certificate disclaimer:

The award of this certificate indicates that you have successfully completed the course.

This certificate does not licence you to collect blood. On completion of this course participants should have a period of supervised practice and assessment by a competent person.

The certificate does not constitute a licence to practice, as you may not be authorised to use these skills within your employment.

You should follow your own organisations policies and procedures for the safe collection of blood.


Course duration: Approximately 5 hours


Course cost: £129 + VAT per delegate (minimum 12 delegates)


ITOL National certificate fee if required £20 + VAT per delegate (Paid to ITOL)




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